Order Management for Oregon Cannabis Companies

Ensure Metrc data compliance. Streamline common operations. Reduce errors and improve efficiency. World-class analytics for Oregon Cannabis companies.


Manage All of Your Stuff with Single App

Track and manage orders throughout the fulfillment process. Quickly generate packages and manifests in Metrc. Seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks Online to generate invoices. Ensure compliance with OLCC rules. Manage your inventory.


A Lot of Features, Unlimited Platforms

Nimble Center is designed to work well on all devices, from PCs to phones.

Ultimate Tool for Cannabis Companies

Nimble Center was written from the ground up specifically for the cannabis industry. Our mission is to provide tools that streamline your operation while helping to ensure compliance with State-mandated rules. Our solution is specifically targeted for Growers, Processors, and Wholesalers in Oregon. We understand the industry better than most because we're also a licensee.

Advanced Tools That Improve Efficiency and Prevent Non-Compliance

We've identified areas that are tedious and error-prone and created features to improve the process. The cost of non-compliance is too high to rely on a spreadsheet or an employee to remember the rules. We've baked the rules into Nimble Center to prevent non-compliance.

Order Management
Your sales team enters orders and can see stock levels in real-time. See at a glance the status of orders throughout the fulfillment process through to delivery. Automated notifications ensure the right people are notified when certain events occur.
Test Result Management
Manage all of your test results in Nimble Center. Easily share test results with orders, and ensure that nothing leaves the facility without the proper test. Automatically generate PDF labels using custom templates. Quickly generate barcodes using a format you specify.
Track Product Samples
Want to know when you can sample someone again? We keep track of all of the sampling limitations and let you easily see when you can transfer trade samples to a licensee again.
Intelligent Routing
Automatically generate the optimal route for your delivery personnel based upon current and predictive traffic patterns, road closures, and time of day.
Generate Manifests
Quickly and easily create packages from existing batches with a single click. Generate a manifest automatically with the best route possible. Reduce the amount of time that your staff works in Metrc.
Business Intelligence
Power BI dashboards provide insight into your data using best-in-class tools. Ask questions about your data and spot trends to help your sales team be more focused and efficient.

Compliance is Important

The cost of non-compliance is high. Unintentional violations of Metrc reporting rules are a category III violation. The first violation in a 2 year period can result in a 10 day license suspension or $1,650 fine. The next violation is a 30 day suspension or $4,950 fine. A third violation is a 30 day suspension, and the fourth is license revocation. The OLCC can and will use data available in Metrc to identify non-compliance. We take compliance very seriously, which is why we place checkpoints in the process to make sure you do not violate the rules.